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Hi Joe, 
Hope all is well with you and the fam! I just wanted to update you on Maddy. We couldn't ask for a better pup- she's a great dog with a great personality and very intelligent. In addition to the basic commands sit, lay down, stay, come, she also knows spin, go to bed, go to crate, stand- and her favorite...supper, she amazes everyone who meets her. She's great on a leash and happily greets every stranger that comes her way. 
Thank you so much for a great, beautiful pup!
- Jess & Mike 

Joe, Sage is a phenomenal dog! We couldn't be more pleased with him. We are Airbnb hosts and he has MANY honorable mentions in our reviews. He loves people and acts as farm steward and farm ambassador to our guests, including guests who come with their dogs. I'll send over some pics tonight. Sage and I are heading out for our afternoon walk in the woods.

…...Beautiful location! Jyl is an incredible host and responds very quickly. Her dog Sage is the friendliest and will visit you everyday... he loves to play so bring a tennis ball or something!


…...For those who may have concerns about animals, the host's dog is super friendly and extremely well behaved.


…….I cant wait to go back and hopefully get to hangout and play with her sweet, friendly dog Sage. He is quite the usher showing you around his turf = )


..I’m so happy I got to meet Sage. He’s the sweetest dog and truly a gentleman.


.We were immediately greeted by her lovely canine companion Sage and made to feel welcome right from the start.


.we even got to enjoy the presence of Sage the dog. I wish we could have stayed longer!


…...She was very kind to show the kids around the farm and let them help with the feeding of horses, sheep and chickens. They also have a very friendly dog, Sage and the kids enjoyed playing with him.


…...Their pup, Sage, and the other animals on the farm made the stay extra special.


.Jyl and Mark's hospitality is warm and inviting, and Sage is such a good hiking/relaxing buddy.


...Sage (family dog) is extremely friendly and helps guide guest throughout the space and areas surrounding the home.


…….we had a warm welcome from everyone even from their dog Sage and their 3 cats.


..Lit a small campfire, the pup Sage came down & laid down beside us for an hour. Thanks, Jyl, for the much-needed escape! And extra hugs to Sage.


…….Their dog Sage accompanied me on many walks as I came alone, and I felt very safe and protected in their oasis of Vermont.


..We loved meeting your dog, Sage, the kitties, and hearing about your horses.


….Also their cabin and property are really beautiful and their dog Sage and three cats are lovable too!


….. The location is stunning - very fitting to find their delightful animal-filled barn (also built by them) - horses, sheep, chickens and Sage ! all gather together happily at meal times and for safe cover


.Their dog is so wonderful and friendly. He showed us directions to the camper on our first night.








Hello to all!  Our family wanted to give you an update on Dallas (Marshmallow).  He is doing wonderfully and has grown so much. He is still in love with our daughter and would protect her with his life.  If he hears anything at night he will go check on her right away.  We had an issue with our furnace about a month ago and Dallas alerted all of us during the night before our carbon monoxide detectors even went off.  He refused to leave my daughters side until we were out of the house.  Dallas loves to play ball and frisbee.  And of course chase snowballs.  He is loving the snow.  Aside from being a sock and mitten thief he is very well behaved.  He will take my daughters socks and mittens right off of her and run around like crazy.  Training has been so easy.  He has never been leashed in our yard and never strays far from wherever we are.  He keeps us in sight at all times Lol.  I have never had such an easy dog to train.  Happy Holidays!

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