Looking for a dog like Grandpa used to have on his farm?  Our classic old fashioned farm collies represent America's rich agricultural heritage and are the traditional choice for small farms and homesteads.



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Honey Hill English Shepherds

Located in upstate NY, we offer top quality purebred English Shepherds, from genetically diverse lines dating back to the origins of the breed.  Although selected for their working traits, as versatile and capable farm hands, the extreme intelligence, and calm, loving dispositions of our dogs make them ideally suited to both farm life and the less active domain of canine companionship. 

All of our puppies are born in a diversified small farm environment and during their first eight weeks are exposed to a variety of  livestock, cats and dogs. They are handled daily, interact with  our children, and are exposed to a wide range of sounds and experiences giving them an ideal start towards proper socialization, and providing them with the foundation of healthy and emotionally rewarding relationships in their new homes.

One of the few remaining breeds of dogs never bred for the show ring, English Shepherd's have consistently been selected for superior health, temperament, intelligence and working abilities, rather than uniformity of appearance, or the exaggerated physical characterics of many of the popular show breeds.  

Their traditional roles on the small farm have included herding, livestock guardian work, watch dog, hunting small game, eradication of vermin, and nanny and companion to small children.  More recently these dogs have demonstrated that their superior intelligence and calm dispositions also qualify them for agility and obedience training, search and rescue, and therapy/service work.  The most versatile of the collie type breeds, English Shepherds can be used to work cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and pigs.  

Unlike many working breeds, English Shepherds do not have excessive energy or work drive.   Use in a small farm/homestead situation where the dog is only called upon to work intermittently does not present an issue or lead to destructive behaior.  

As content in the field as they are curled up at the hearth, English Shepherds are highly suitable for life in suburban situations provided they have adequate time with their family to fulfill their social needs and receive regular exercise.

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