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This page will help guide puppy and dog owners on products that we have found useful in raising our own dogs.


If you have had great experiences with products or resources not found below, email us your suggestions, and we will try them and update this page accordingly.  


Help us make this the best puppy and dog supply list on the web!!


LupinePet Basics 1" Black Leashes for Medium and Larger Dogs - Super sturdy and comes with a lifetime replacement.  Made in Vermont.

Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash - Solid construction.  Extends out 26 feet.  Made in Germany.

LupinePet 1 Inch Adjustable Dog Collar for Medium to Large Dogs -  Orange color to keep your dog visible and safe.  Lifetime warranty!  USA made.

RABBITGOO Dog Harness - A harness however can be very useful in situations where you need added security in keeping your dog under control while on a leash.  The reflective material also makes you and your dog more visible to vehicles at night!


Bowls and Food

Max and Neo Heavyweight Non-Skid Rubber Bottom Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - Super sturdy and they last forever.  We have two of these kicking around that are over ten years old.

Purina Puppy Chow Complete - This is what we feed our puppies and we will send you home with a small amount in order to transition to another brand if you choose to use something different.  This is best purchased locally and we have found Tractor Supply to have the best price.


Crates and Gates

Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door - We have tried all kinds of crates and these are the ones that have held up the best and been the most secure for containing our dogs when needed.  Definitely avoid the metal cage style or the fabric and mesh style as they don't hold up.  The 50-70lb size is best for adults ES's.  It is very useful to start your puppy out in a smaller crate and then move them to their adult crate when they outgrow it.  If you want to start with a small crate the 10-20lb crate is ideal for potty training.


Regalo Baby Gate - This gate is for semipermanent installation in your home and opens and closes on it's own hinges.  These are great for locations where you will consistently need a gate up and makes it convenient for you to come in and out of the room without taking the gate down.

Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood Gate - These are easy to put up and take down and adjust to different doorway sizes.  Depending on your home it is often useful to have two or three of these around for setting up different configurations on the fly.



KONG - Classic Dog Toy - Fun and ultra sturdy.  Fill with peanut butter for extra amusement!

Red Flyer Flexible Durable Frisbee - KONG.  Rugged and made in the USA.

KONG - Tennis Balls - It's hard to beat old fashioned tennis balls for simple fun.

Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher - Throw the ball farther without having to join a gym!


Shampoo and Cleaning Products

Lambert Kay Fresh'n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo, 18 oz - We strongly recommend giving your dog a bath every couple of weeks until they are at least six month olds to get them used to behaving in the bath, and to condition them to allow being handled and touched all over by their owners.  If they do not get used to this when they are still little, it can make giving them baths and getting them medical care very difficult when they full grown.

Lambert Kay Fresh 'N Clean Oxy-Strength Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator - This stuff really works for cleaning up after your dog. 



The Art of Raising a Puppy - The Monks of New Skete - Start out right by reading this book and raising the best dog you've ever had.  This book also has fascinating information on puppy psychology which will help you understand your pup better.


How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners (Revised & Updated Edition) - A lifelong users manual to your best friends, including comprehensive training and relationship building instructions.  Simple and easy to follow.















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